It is important to show patience when dealing with Turkish business partners. Initial meetings hardly ever lead to decisions and are used primarily to get to know each other. So don’t try to rush into business or limit the discussion to business only.

It may take some considerable time before a decision about a business proposal will be made. Turkish people want to get to know you first and it is highly likely you will be talking about subjects completely unrelated to business, from topics like football to your family life.

Although Turkish culture has a slightly different relationship to time compared to Western Europe, foreign visitors are expected to be on time for a business meeting.

Tea is usually offered at the start of any meeting and it is always wise to start initial conversations with small talk before beginning any business discussions.

Presentations should be short and to the point. Proposals should be clearly structured and presented. It is always a good idea to translate important documents or information into Turkish, in order to get your message across.

Useful phrases when talking with Turkish business people.

Saat onda Deniz Bey’le bir görüşmem var.
I have an appointment with Mr. Deniz at 10 o’clock.

Bell Moda Firması’ndan geliyorum.
I come from Bell Fashion.

Adınız nedir?
What is your name?

Adınızı söyler misiniz lütfen?
Can you tell me your name, please?

Birçok ülkeyle iş ilişkileriniz var mı?
Do you have business relations with many countries?

Hangi ülkelerle iş bağlantılarınız var?
With what countries do you have business connections?

Britanya’yla iş bağlantılarınız var mı?
Do you have business connections with Britain?

Üçüncü slayt ile ilgili bir sorum var.
I have a question concerning the third slide.

Taşaron firmalarla çalışıyor musunuz?
Do you work with subcontractors?

Çok bilgilendirici bir sunumdu.
That was a very informative presentation.