Early morning: the tides flushing through the Bosphorus;
Miles of water gushing under the bridge.
Fish swept one way and another. Fishermen
Lined up, casting their lines and luck into the depths.
Sardines and sprats wiggling on the sloppy sidewalk floor,
Young city brats weaving between the fishermen
Eager to earn a Lira or two or else avoid a slap
And a kick, dodging and darting between
Old fruit juice boxes, plastic rubble bags, rubber tyres;
All recycled, reused to support the busy morning enterprise
At sunrise in Istanbul.

By Neal Taylor

The fishermen at dawn are a wonderful sight and almost quite a surprise to see in such a busy metropolis. It is rare to see anyone fishing in London, Paris or Berlin. When walking around Istanbul it is easy to forget that city is situated, not on a river, but actually on the sea. I presume most of the fishermen will be catching fish in order to sell their catch at a market. The fresh fish can be cooked during lunch and dinner by the restaurants and countless kiosks.

Painting “Fishermen on the bridge” by Aysel Nesibe Adul – a Turkish artist.