This was an important meeting where the two partners had to consolidate previous work, check all the developments and clarify the next stages. It was a very ‘hands-on’ meeting (no pun intended) so there was as much development as discussion. A full protocol was made of the meeting.

The topics covered included:

  • A new exercise for role-plays, code-names karaoke step
  • Revising the cultural and language notes for better usability
  • Modifying exercises for Turkish script
  • Improving the input of Turkish characters such as ş
  • Testing facilities and much more.

The HandsOnTurkish course will be available online and on the appstores. It will be cross-platform, hence why the partners must test the materials on as many devices as possible.

Picture related!

The development of the Turkish language content continues alongside the programming development. As the work continues, more content will be released.

The partners have already developed demo versions of the online course and tested the apps.

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