This article is about the latest development for the EU-funded Turkish language learning project and the Turkish language test. (Update: to learn more about the test, click here or start learning and working towards your certificate, click here)

Meeting in Bath, UK: Carl, Udo and Neal had a quick meeting to iron out all the bugs in the First Steps In Turkish and start preparing the Turkish Language Test. We were joined by Marc Jones later to discuss the video.

So far the partners have been fortunate with the weather but due to the colossal amount of work to be completed in a short space of time, they have been unable to make the most of the English summer weather in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!

Turkish language certificate

The first test is called “HandsOnTurkish Entry Level”.

A language certificate is desirable for any vocational learner, businessperson or student who wishes to have their Turkish language learning recognised. The certificate ought to be achievable and indicate an initial understanding of Turkish language, culture and business etiquette. The name “Entry level” reflects this.

It is equally important that the test conforms to an international standard and is rigourous.

Carl and Udo laid out the structure of the exam according to the needs of the Common European Framework for Modern Languages.

The first trials of the language testing facility were developed by Neal Taylor. The online testing will test listening, reading and writing skills.


A first glance at the Turkish Language test demo

The partners have also found an innovative solution to the oral testing which they will be testing in due course.

Our Dutch colleague, Jeroen Lichtenauer, is currently researching further OpenBadges and how they can be integrated into our apps, courses and testing. More information about this coming soon.


Video: Why learn Turkish?

Work continues on the video. We have had an on-going discussion whether to create one longer video or a couple shorter videos. Still to be concluded.

The video will help to spark interest in the language, engage them and, hopefully encourage them to try our Turkish language learning materials.

First Steps in Turkish

We have also updated the “First Steps” course. This is a shorter version of HandsOnTurkish and is ideal for general learners who simply want to try out if they want to learn Turkish and learn a few phrases.

Currently there are three complete units, each with six modules covering listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. The First Steps course also features language activities, culture and a few basic notes about the language.



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