Over the past few weeks there has been a drop in numbers on the site particularly those looking for Turkish language learning materials such as our online courses.

Interestingly, there was, however, during this period a surge of interest related to our article on “Turkey’s Future – the next 100 years” and our article about the macroeconomic outlook for Turkey’s Lira. Both of these articles are relevant to the current situation in Turkey.

It has been only a couple of weeks since an attempted coup in Turkey and as a result, many people are understandably scouring the Internet to find information about the Turkish coup (which could cost the economy over $300bn) but also more information about the wider geopolitical and economic ramifications.

As reported here earlier, tourism in Turkey has already slumped drastically (due to earlier terrorist attacks). Trade and FDI will also now be affected by the current uncertainty sweeping through Turkey, Europe and the wider world. Furthermore, Turkey’s university and educational sector has also experienced sudden and drastic upheaval which has had an affect on foreign partnerships; including the cancellation of the Jean Monnet programme and many TEFL courses.

How will this affect Turkish language learning?


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