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Say Merhaba to a language course with a difference

Innovative e-learning with a Turkish twist.

Shake hands with the Turkish language, embrace the culture

Helping you to make deals by making Turkish accessible.

More than words - A course that embraces customs

Learn the language – live the customs.

Learn Turkish online.

Discover the Turkish language and Turkish culture.

A complete Turkish online course for beginners

Learn the necessary skills to communicate effectively in Turkish.

The course leads to Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the international benchmark for measuring language learning.


Learn with confidence

  Learn to understand and speak Turkish.

  Practise Turkish vocabulary.

  Study Turkish grammar.

  Discover Turkish culture.


Key features

  Designed for Turkish self-study.

√  Easy to use

Step by step instructions and guidance

  Speaking and pronunciation practice online

Activities to practise until you are confident

Price plans

One year subscription

£4.50 per month*

You pay £54 for 12 months.
*Subscriptions do not renew automatically.
Renew after one year and get a 50% discount.

Course overview

Join Frank and Sarah as they travel to Istanbul and Bursa to meet new friends and make new contacts. Topics include:

  1. Arriving in Istanbul and meeting new contacts
  2. At the hotel and making arrangements
  3. Taking a taxi
  4. A first business meeting, breaking the ice
  5. At a restaurant
  6. Finding your way about town
  7. A second business meeting
  8. Finding out about a potential business partner
  9. Checking into a  hotel
  10. Discussing business arrangements
  11. A day off. A visit to a museum
  12. Saying goodbye

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An online test with a digital certificate is available for First Steps Turkish as part of the subscription.

A Certificate of Completion is available on completion of the full main Turkish course.


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