The online Turkish courses with contain Adobe flash content. We continue to use Adobe Flash because it is still one of the best solutions for rich, interactive eLearning courses. However, in the Google Chrome browser flash content is only shown after you .manually allow your browser to do so. This has to be done separately for each different website. If the course content doesn’t load on your screen, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. First of all, you need to have the option to show flash content. Open the settings for flash content at chrome://settings/content/flash and make sure that the toggle button next to “Ask first” is set to enabled:

  2. On the web page where the flash content should be shown, click on the image with the jigsaw puzzle piece and choose “Allow” in the popup box that now appears:.
    After this, the content should be loaded correctly. If not, continue with step 3 below.
  3. If the popup box does not appear after clicking the jigsaw puzzle piece, it is possible that the website has already been blocked before. In that case, a small icon of a jigsaw puzzle piece with a red x appears at the right side of the address bar:.
  4. Then on the browser content settings page chrome://settings/content/flash the address will appear in the list under “block”. Click the bin icon to the right of it to remove from the block list and retry step 2.

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