When greeting a Turkish colleague formally for the first time, it is polite to address a man by his full name proceeded by Bay (Bay Frank Campbell). You can address a woman with her full name and Bayan (Bayan Sarah Campbell).

If you are acquainted with somebody, but still wish to address that person in a formal way, you can greet a woman by using her first name followed by Hanım (Hoş bulduk, Sarah Hanım). You can greet a man with Bey (Hoş bulduk, Frank Bey).

With professional titles you can say, Doktor Bey (Mr Doctor), Doktor Hanım (Mrs Doctor), Müdür Bey (Mr Manager), Müdire Hanım (Mrs Manager).

Turks often use the word efendim (literally, ‘my master’) if they are addressing somebody they are not familiar with. You may hear this from a waiter or a shop assistant. For example, you may hear, Buyrun efendim! (Yes, sir. / May I help you, sir?)

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