Çelik Palas

This is one of the oldest and best-known hotels in Bursa, in Turkey.  The original construction of this hotel was ordered by Kemal Atatürk as a hotel belonging to state. It was designed by one of most famous architects from the 1900s: Giulio Mongeri. He put into practice the slogan of Cesar Ritz, ‘the most important thing in a hotel is the right location’.

The location is outstanding with a 360 degree panoramic view over the city of Bursa and the surrounding area. The terrace of the restaurant has an impressive view of Uludağ, the mighty mountain. In ancient times Gods are supposed to have watched the Trojan War from the top of Uludağ.

In 2007 the hotel was privatised and renovated. The renovations remained faithful to the original.

Some useful phrases when staying in a Turkish hotel

İki geceliğine tek kişilik bir odanız var mı?
Do you have a single room for two nights?

Balkonlu bir oda verebilir misiniz?
Can you give me a room with a balcony?

Otelin kablosuz internet erişim kodunu verebilir misiniz?
Can you give me the password for the internet?

Odada diş macunu var mı?
Do you have toothpaste in the room?

Odamda bornoz yok.
There is no bathrobe in my room.

Odama kahvaltı gönderebilir misiniz?
Can you send breakfast to my room?