What you need to know about exchanging business cards in Turkey

If you are new to business dealings in Turkey, then business cards are important element of networking and business interaction in Turkey. It is important therefore that you have some business cards on hand if you are embarking on a trade mission or networking in Turkey.

In many parts of Europe, business cards have waned in importance often being only used for networking events or trade fairs. As with any business interaction, you will want to create a good impression.

If you have business cards, these are exchanged without any formal ritual. However, use both hands when you exchange cards..

It is a good idea to present your business card to the receptionist when you arrive at a company office. If you can, have one side of your business card translated into Turkish. This will certainly impress your business colleagues and make a greater impact on any potential contact.

Turks often do not give their business card unless they are certain that they wish to establish a business relationship, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive one immediately.

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